Adding another sensor to my security configuration?

(d) #1

My ST + Alexa home security implementation was beast to install, but it has been working pretty well…
I have the ST hub, 3 sensors (which are installed on 3 doors) and a zwave alarm. These components are configured such that if the system is Armed on my iphone, if any of the sensors is tripped the alarm will go off, or if I can set them to disarm on iphone, then no alarm. I have integrated Alexa so that I can arm/disarm the whole system by talking to Alexa.
Now I want to add another sensor to a window, would anyone know how to go about this? I know I configured it in the first place, but it was with alot of help and Im sot sure where to get started. The new sensor should be live but I dont see it in the list of things on the app anywhere .Thanks

(Jimmy) #2

What security app are you using? Smart Home monitor?
Which hub are you using?
Which app are you using?