Adding Alexa 4th Gen Zigbee HUB to smarthings


Sorry for the basic question…

I have some smart devices controlled by my smartThings app and I have recently purchased a 4th Gen Alexa Echo (with integrated Zigbee HUB). I wanted to add the hub to my smartThings app but when I select wifi/Hub the only options I have are Aeotec, Samsung or SmartThings.

Is there a way to add the Alexa Hub to my smartThings app?

Only “ works as a SmartThings hub” (WASH) hubs can be added to your account as a hub.

Integration with Alexa is at the account level: it doesn’t matter which echo devices you have.

You will be able to use all the regular Integration features, such as telling echo to turn the devices controlled by smartthings on or off, but you will not see any zigbee Devices connected to your echo hub in the smartthings app. so I don’t know if that helps you or not.

Here’s the information on setting up the integration:

Thanks for the help

This makes sense and aligns with what I am seeing, the reason I wanted to add the hub was to improve functionality (though SmartThings).

I currently have and LED controller that when switched on turns the LED strip on at 10% power.

Ideally what I want is the LED strip to come on in the evening from 5pm to 10pm at 100% power and at 10PM switch over to 10% power.

Using at my alexa control I can set the power to 10% and have an event that occurs at 10pm to limit output to 10%, the issue is that the controller is wired to a motion sensor so if its on at 10pm all will be great but norally this will be in the off state, so when motion occurs say after 10pm it will illumination to 100%

So I really need to have some control that says whenever operated
after 10pm set to 10%