Adding a new User in app v2

It would be much easier to wait for her to get home…lol

Presence sensing has always worked just fine, even logged into the same account on both phones, in fact now that my GF is logged into her own account on her phone, there is approximately SFA difference in her user experience at this time.

This is why I found it funny so many people were getting wound up about the multiple user function when logging in using the same account worked just fine.

Not for me. When I was trying to add new phone as presence with same user it was saying something like “Phone already added”

Should you be able to do that? This is new users new phones.

Known old issue. Using one account on two phones for presence works “just fine” for awhile and then stops working. You just didn’t hit the wall yet, but you will eventually. @smart is an expert on this, but support can confirm it.


When is that wall and what does that wall do?

Presence sensing for my GF and I have has been flawless aside from the issues that were introduced from my own screw ups…

Just curious if one or both of your phones are android? My wife and I both have iPhone and they acted as one presence when they were logged in to the same account.

@treboreon mine is an Android phone (Nexus 4 originally) and she has an iPhone 6.

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S6, logged my Nexus 4 out of the app and logged into the app on the SGS6, it didn’t automatically create a new presence device for the SGS6… I deleted the original presence sensor for ‘Benji’s Phone’ (Nexus 4) and then “Connected a new device” to add my SGS6 as a presence sensor which worked just fine.

Later I went back to see if I could just add my Nexus 4 as an additional device in the same way so I logged back into my Nexus 4 as well and “Connected a new device” (Go to Marketplace --> Coming and Going --> Mobile Phone) again, low and behold:

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“Test Phone” is my old Nexus 4, so I have two Android phones and one iOS phone added, all working independently of each other.

Sent invitation to the wrong email address. How do I delete it.

When I logged in her iPhone as me it tied it to the already existing presence sensor for my phone. Trying to connect new device - mobile phone on her phone leads to an error that the phone is already set up as a presence device.

Back when this all started it really didn’t seem as though deleting the existing presence sensor and then adding it back in would make two phones on one account work. Maybe that was the key.

Anyway, off to setup another account and move forward! :slight_smile:

ST hub is registered under my account. We both have Samsung S4 phones logged into my ST account.

Logged my wife’s phone out of ST.

On my phone, removed her phone from all Smart Apps. Then, added her as a User with her email.

On her phone, created new account with her email. Received a pop-up about connecting to my account. Added her phone with her account back to our Smart Apps.

So I fat fingered the email I sent an invite to. How do I remove it in case it is a valid email address?

Too late, same as sending any email. But if the person accepts, you should be able to remove them from the account.

If I remove them can they continue to come back into my account?

I believe they stay connected to the account until they log out of the app. But support could tell you.

Glad to see this is finally working! Added spouse’s email and once registered his iPhone shows up as a presence sensor. So two iPhones now in our system, seem to be working well. I’ll see tomorrow how the routines and smart apps work now that it won’t get confused as to who is here and who is not. Our thanks to the dev team too, this was a bit of an annoyance having both phones previously logged into one account. :grinning:

Yup its finally working and could add my wife to the account. Thanks for sorting this out.

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When you send an invitation that email address instantly becomes a user:

To remove a user (on Android)
My Account >> Manage Users >> press the user to delete >> REMOVE

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It works! Thanks SmartThings

Thanks folks excellent job to all at ST