Adding a new User in app v2

Adding my wife and mobile presence is working well. Thanks SmartThings developers for putting up with all of the curmudgeons on this and other threads.

Does this make them a “full” user? It would be great if I could give my family members (who occasionally visit) “presence” but not give them the ability to turn my lights on/off, etc.

My wife is a full user (who carried over from hub v1)

I read in another thread that there is a downside by using the native ST presence. Apparantly if you upgrade your phone you have to redo all your routines and apps. Your existing ST presence profile doesn’t automagically sync with the new phone. Now, if you only upgrade your phone every few years this may not be a big deal but others tend to upgrade to a new phone once a year or sometimes even sooner. Just imagine the amount of time it would take to remove your old presence profile from all your routines and apps and have to re-add it again.

I think one way to get around this issue is to use Life360 for presence. This way Life360 does recognize that you’re using a new phone and ST will work seamlessly and you save yourself the agony of having to re-configure all the routines and apps.

Yesterday I dropped my iPhone and the screen shattered, I went into Apple and got a new phone. I erased the old phone and once I restored from iCloud on the new phone everything was working as previously. I didn’t have to re-do any settings/configs in ST other than logging back into Life360 & ST app on the new phone.

I think when you use the native ST presence profile it creates a unique device signature that is tied to that particular phone, so when you upgrade your phone you have to create a new presence profile then add it to all your routines and apps. Since I use Life360 it handles the unique device signature and ST simply has a pointer to the Life360 user so that might explain why I didn’t have to do anything in ST after I replaced my broken phone.

Anyways, thought this might help others out there as I was prepared to re-do all my routines and apps after I replaced my broken phone, but to my surprise it worked flawlessly. There could be an upside in using Life360 and not the native ST presence users.

Seems like one thing gets fixed another gets broken! Added my son and his iPhone and added him to routines of when everyone leaves to shut garage, lock doors and turn off lights. He was gone this morning when I left as he stayed at friends, so with both mobile presence sensors away and both add to the automated good bye to trigger when everyone is away nothing happened… It was finally working again…

I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to a 6s and didn’t have to touch my routines or re-add my phone as a presence sensor.

Was this getting fixed in time for your rollout?

Just in the nick of time!

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Glad to hear! I’ve been reading about your delimma and hoping it would get fixed for you!

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Thanks! They really came through in the clutch :smile: .


Thanks devs for getting this fix in. Still disappointed with how long it took.

not working correctly see my other thread I started related to the bug ie

See the official support FAQ on account sharing. This is what they offer, although it may not be what you expect, so read carefully:

there is no “my locations” menu on the other accounts so I assume it is a bug and not working correctly.

Wondering if anyone else is having a problem with it telling you a device is a way when it’s actually present. This has happened now several times with my sons iPhone. He is upstairs sleeping, phone downstairs on charger and says he is away happened a couple of days ago also.

I’m a Newbie… however, using the following, I was able to make everything work flawlessly…

“Account sharing FAQ”

. . . as well as . . .

… and …

I was able to make it all work seemlessly with three (3) iPhone familiy members controlling lights, Schlage door locks, and Lifmaster 8500 Garage doors. Awesome!!

Hopes this pathway can help someone else.


I have experienced this a few times this week between me and my wife’s phone. Her location presence was not registering as away when she would leave the house. Conversely when she was present it was showing as away.

Last night when this happened, I grabbed her phone and opened the ST app. A message popped up and said Smartthings works best with internet connection. Or something to that effect. I did have the settings on her Iphone set correctly for the ST app. Specifically Location access:Always and Celluar Data: Enabled (Green)

This is annoying as we’re using location presence to arm/disarm the Smart Home Security Monitor.

I can’t imagine having sirens enabled. With how buggy Smart Home Monitor is, it would be sending way to many false alarms.

I ended up deleting the app from my wife’s phone and reinstalling. I also re-setup the routine. This fixed it. But I feel like I have done this before, so not convinced this will permanently fix it.

Check the forums, you’ll find literally dozens of topics on presence.

The short answer is that no matter what presence device you are using, including the phone, it works well for some people, not at all for other people, and sometimes sort of for others.

There are a lot of different things locally that can affect presence. Your experience is not unusual. But neither is it unusual for someone to say it works perfectly at their house. And it may work for a while and then stop working.

There are a lot of different things you can try to improve the situation at your own particular house. But sometimes it’s as simple as interference from the neighbors Wi-Fi network, and there’s not a lot you can do. One whole class of problems is the same set of problems that cause Netflix to buffer. How much you can improve that just varies depending on exactly what’s going on each time.

You can start by getting in touch with support, because there are some diagnostics they can see from their side which may help zero in on what you should try tuning first.

But for now I just wanted to emphasize that you will see every possible variation of experience in the forums. It never hurts to try someone else’s suggestion, just know it may not work at your house. There’s no one answer for this.

I had this problem yesterday wife my wife’s phone, it said she was away when she was home. When I got home I first restarted her Iphone then checked all the settings in her phone and they were fine. I then opened the smarthings app and it instantly went from away to present.


I am a bit confused about this response. When I establish my location using the red circle, it’s us 3-4 block circle around my house. When I am driving home to my house, I will enter this circle, which should trigger my presence to change from away to home. Because I am 4 blocks from my house, my phone is relying upon celluar data and not a wi-fi network. Are you suggesting as I am going down the street passing buildings and other residences, their wi-fi networks could be interfering with my Iphones location presence which is using celluar data?

There are many different factors that go into the way SmartThings handles presence. It uses both the Wi-Fi at your house and GPS. So if something changes when your phone connects to your own Wi-Fi, that can affect its determination of your location. but I don’t want to hijack this thread which is about a different topic.

So for further questions specifically about presence, why don’t we take it to:

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