Adding a light kit to an unlit ceiling fan to be controlled, but no light?

So I have a ceiling fan in my kitchen that I had replaced years ago by a contractor, this is one of the few I didn’t do because, honestly I was scared to touch AC electrical for the longest time, but I digress…

Fast forward some years and more experience with electrical than I want to admit to, and my wife decides we need a light in that ceiling fan, and of course I decide if we are doing that, I am throwing one of the Hampton Bay celing fan and light zigbee controllers in there.

So I followed the install instructions on the light kit verbatim, and it does LOOK good, but it just doesn’t make any light.

I am wondering if it is possible since it’s the blue wire from the harness feeding this, that is it possible that the motor has been working for years, without the blue wire hooked up hot to the house?

I know I need to tear into it to find out, but I was just hoping someone here could possibly help direct me if it isn’t that, what should I be checking? I need to get the light working before I even consider connecting the controller…

I would also guess that the wire feeding power to the light wasn’t attached to the main during the original install.

Can you just drop the canopy and take a quick peek without dropping the light?

Throwing the breaker is easy for this one. I know exactly which circuit to throw, so no big deal…

Once the power is off, drop the canopy, and take a peek. I suspect I know what I will find…

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Easy fix if it is.

Sure enough. The blue wire for the light kit was not connected at the Box. I went ahead and threw in the controller and configured it. Now it’s working exactly how I expected to!



Something I forgot to mention. On the current models they clearly state in the installation guide to connect both the black and the blue wires to the black wire or the hot wire coming from the mains. On this particular fan which is a Hampton Bay there was a sticker attached to the wire under the canopy that said to not connect this wire without a lighting kit installed. So there was a valid reason this light wire wasn’t connected. I’ve seen lots of other ceiling fans from other people who were getting light kits and except for this one all of them had the blue wire connected. I am not sure why Hampton Bay put this sticker on that wire on this particular model but there it is.