Adding a fibaro 211 dimmer to my network

Hi All,

A novice here. I have a Fibaro 211 dimmer and can’t work out how to add it to my network. I’ve pressed the button on the dimmer and used my iOS app to try and find it - but without luck. Do I need to add some groovy code to the web dashboard? Can someone please advise - I haven’t found the relevant information on this support site.


ok, worked it out. My dimmer (although new?) needed to be reset by holding down the B button for 3 seconds after applying mains. All good now!

For all of the Fibaro sensors on battery power you absolutely need to put it in pairing mode when trying to include it in ST land. On motion sensors, door sensors etc. as well. It’s mostly triple clicking the b-button on most of their devices. It has to be awake to except any kind of configuration as well later as well if you are trying to change the parameters. Fibaro’s by far has the best documentation as to how to include it in a network, reset, changing parameters etc.