Added sercomm iCamera2, can only view within local network, what else needed to do to make it work remotely?

don’t know what else needed to set up, thanks in advance!

@ethanz remote viewing of an basic IP camera can open up a whole can of security problems if not done correctly and monitored correctly.

There’s a lot of things to think about.

Who can access the camera?
How can you lock down the who question?
Can you setup dynamic DNS on your router or do you have to use IP only?
Is the camera configured with a static or dhcp assigned IP? Can you change this?

Opening up a camera to the “public” is not a good idea if you don’t know all of what you are opening up to the world. For instance a lot of cameras have very low security and have known vulnerabilities. Some of those exploits allow access from the camera back into your private network. You really don’t want people freely snooping around inside your network. Or maybe you do.

The reason why a lot of cameras are popping up with “cloud viewing” and phone apps and their own “service” associated is to provide secure remote camera access to the masses. There are some services where you can use your own camera and open the camera ONLY to that service which is more secure than it just being wide open on the network. But you have to have a firewall capable of setting up that whitelist.

Setup a vpn server.