Add sections to dashboard

(Jim) #1

Is there anyway to add sections to the dashboard? I thinking A windows (open closed) section or a thermostat section where you could display temperatures??

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

Not that I’m aware of. They (SmartThings) is supposed to roll out new sections eventually. I’m looking forward to them, hoping soon!

(Jim) #3

Hmm - I just noticed on their website - the app demo has sections for comfort and motion and cameras

(SStozki) #4

These are currently in Beta; There is a “comfort” and “Motion and Camera” sections…

(Jim) #5

Thanks for the info!

(Eric) #6

With the new app layout, is this still getting worked on? I don’t really want to add windows to the “Doors and Locks” section on the dashboard, that seems weird.

(Greg) #7

I would also like to edit my dashboard. Either rename the sections or move something from one to another.