Add Samsung Q9 connected over ethernet: SmartHub app forces Wifi?

I’m trying to add a Samsung Q9 tv to my SmartHub setup. The tv is connected to my home network using ethernet. However, when I use the SmartHub app to add the tv, it asks me to insert my WiFi credentials and without asking switches the network connection from ethernet to WiFi.

Why does the app need the Wifi key when the tv isn’t even connected over Wifi? Is there a way to keep using the ethernet connection instead?

Because if you’re using an ethernet connection, there is nothing to set up. It should just be connected if you go into the menu and check the status of the connection.

Unfortunately that‘s not what is happening on my end:

My Samsung TV is connect over ethernet to the same network that the ST hub is hooked up to over ethernet as well. But when I try to add the TV inside of the ST app, it switches my TV over from ethernet to WiFi.

Here‘s what I‘ve done:

  1. Selected add new device and clicked on TV > Samsung

  2. TV (which is only connected over ethernet) shows up right away. I can enter the PIN show on the TV and proceed

  3. After that the app prompts me to enter my WiFi credentials. At this point the network settings on my TV have automatically (and without any notice or my consent!) switched from ethernet to WiFi.

Because if you plug it in, the TV is already connected. You don’t have to do anything in the ST app. You should be able to use all of the “smart” features of your TV without the ST app.

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