Add route display to device


I am using a custom device handler (written by someone else) to connect a device to smartthings. It does not display the Route. I have other custom device handlers that do display the route. I looked into the code of these but cannot find the lines of code responsible for displaying the route.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

thank you

What devices do you have that display what you want, and screenshots?


for instance the Aeotec Repeater has what I want:


What kind of device? I don’t think they route being displayed depends on the DTH at all.

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The device I would like to have the route display is a Sonoff snzb-02. I found a device handler that allowed me to add it to smartthings. It works great but I was just wondering if I could add the route display.

How long have you had it added to ST? The route can take 24 hours to update.


You were right. I was just too impatient. It appeared!

thank you.

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