Add Philips LivingWhites Plug to Smartthings

I just installed my new HUB so sorry for any inaccuracy.

In my house I have a Philips HUE with multiple bulbs and several LivingWhites Plugs, which were built for a previous Philips lightining system, but are made compatible with HUE with a very simple hack (a software called lampstealer).
I use them because the HUE system didn’t have any switch, and with them I can connect several lamps in which I cannot install a traditional bulb.

I assume they’re Zigbee as the rest of the HUE Bulbs.

While discovering devices in the ST app, they’re discovered correctly, but it is impossible to add them (unexpected error…)

Any advice on the best way to proceed?

Many thanks in advance

Has anyone found a fix for this. My living Whites plugs worked great before i updated to the Hue v.2 hub. The plugs work perfect in the hue app, but will not add to smartthings. I recieve the erroe, Failed to save page:bulbDiscovery.

Thanks in advance

Has anyone found a solution to this issue with livingwhites plugs not being added to things?

Just to clarify, I still use the HUE v.1 hub (are they any advantages in upgrading? ) and I can’t make my living plugs to work.

I could buy a couple of used Living Whites plugs, so I would be interested if someone succeeded adding them to ST?

If they can’t be added to ST the normal way, I would attempt to manually create the device and use the generic “ZigBee Dimmer” device type. Instructions on how to add a device manually can be found here (instructions for Xiaomi, but it’s the same for any ZigBee device, of course).

To clarify: I would pair the plugs with my Hue v2 bridge instead of the ST hub because all my lights are there as well, but I’d like the possibility to move them over to SmartThings should the need arise.