Add option to display countdown in app icon

(Jim Smith) #1

The basic icon for a switched device typically uses two icons to show the device status of either ON or OFF. It’s also very easy to setup the switch switch using the “TURN OFF AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME” feature.

What I would like to see is an addition option on the “TURN OFF AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME” that says something like “DISPLAY ICON COUNTDOWN?”. When this option is enabled, the app’s icon would display the number of minutes remaining until the device is scheduled to turn off, and this value in the icon would automatically refresh once per minute.

As a second request, I would like to be able to add time to the timer from a configuration option such as “TIMER ADD VALUE”. This could be done by say double-tapping the icon, or maybe touching the icon for more than 3 seconds. The timer value would of course update with the configured “add value” such as 10 minutes.

While these two requests could be built with custom code for one device, maybe there is more interest in getting visual feedback within SmartThings for any timed event?

Suggestion from a new ST user.

(Ray) #2

That’s a pretty awesome suggestion for Smartthings. I have a few vent fans using the Timer app and a countdown display would make it looking smarter for sure.

(Jim Smith) #3

The concept could be expanded even further. For example, display the temperature,
humidity, tilt, brightness, etc. for the various sensors.

An addition feature would be an option to change the color of the icon based upon a limit or maybe a range. For example, turn the icon red above a certain temperature, or yellow in last 10 minutes of a set time & red in last 5 minutes. The general idea is the ability to change an icon’s color based upon the sensor’s current status against a set limit.