Add on Switch working but not changing app "on/off" status

My master and add on are working flawlessly…well almost… Turning them off and on physically and through the app they work seamlessly. However, I have noted one small problem. When I manually turn on or off the add-on switch it does not change the apps status as on or off (the app maintains the status that it was prior to touching the add on). However my master switch does note the status change on the app if I physically turn it off or on. My master and add on are obviously synced, as I hear my master clicking and the master LED turns on/off when I use the add on, it just doesn’t translate on/off to the app if I am using the add-on switch to turn on/off the lights (again the master works great in this regard). Here is an example should my redundant ramblings above not make sense. Lights are off, I turn them on physically via the master switch (this in turn notes the lights being on in the app) while the lights are still on in this state I then physically turn them off with the add on switch, the light turn off, however the app still notes them as being on…If I were to use the master switch to turn them off opposed to the add-on they would note as being off. If anyone might be able to assist me with my dilemma, it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know should you have any further questions.

I think I might have answered my own problem. When I was connecting the switch initially, it showed up as what appeared to be a GE plug, opposed to a switch. So, the on/off features work, however the add-on not so much. Let me change switch types and see if that fixes the issue. Standby. Please feel free to respond in the meantime.