Add .jpg images to SmartTiles dashboard as Stop Motion Video

I have been using SmartTiles for quite some time now and I wanted to share a piece of information that I figured out just by fluke and thought that it may just help others.

I wanted a way to add some of the traffic cams to my dashboard so I could see what the road was like before for work, I also wanted to add a webcam of the port (it is beautiful and has a clear view of the sky), I can see what the weather is like just by glancing at the image. I do use the weather tile also but a picture is a much quicker way to get a lot of information.

my issue was that most webcams have an address like this: which show up great when you add them as a Stop Motion Video Stream. However, as soon as they refresh, you loose the image and just end up with a blank tile.

I first overcame this issue by changing the refresh rate to 30 seconds, that way once I loaded the dashboard I would see the images for a little while at least. But this is not really a great solution as it just postpones the inevitable; A blank tile.

I put a question mark (?) after the address, like this: and HEY PRESTO!! The images remain no matter what the refresh rate is set at. :smiley:

The images will only refresh as often as their server uploads a new image which I have found ranges from 30 second to 2 minutes depending on the webcam.

I also have a live generic MPEG camera and as a backup redundancy I have it in snapshot mode using the ? following the address and every time SmatTiles refreshes I get a new live still image. This may sound dumb or like a waste of space to some people, but for me It works. I am not with the best or most reliable network and internet is slow when I am not connected to WiFi. When the network is slow the live camera does not display. However, the snapshot will still show up giving me at least stop motion of my home cam.

Anyway I hope that my little ramble helps some people.

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard for the more visual people.


going to try this now.I have been fighting this for months. I hope that works.

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