Add icon to the devices without icons

Some of the devices don’t have icons, just a big circle. For example, my Honeywell thermostats, and Accuweather don’t have icons. When I go to edit the device, there is no option to add/change the icon. Is it possible to force it to use an uploaded icon?


I seem to remember in a really old version of the app in old v1 days, you could always select one. I could remember wrong. Probably am.

But, yes, I have some devices where this annoys me greatly … like the aoetec zwave power strips…each outlet is a blank blank thing. But I know thats also in the purview of the developer for that custom app/handler. I think most stock ones you can assign icons.

I would also like to see more DH allow you to upload your own images rather than to solely rely on the stock images.

You could change a default device handler by going to the line that has the option “canChangeIcon: false” and change it to “canChangeIcon: true” save it, and then go assign your device your changed device handler. Then from the gear menu you would be able to change the icon. But requires a few steps and its not that straight fwd. I think ST group should make all device handlers have the ability to change the icon or upload a custom pic for convenience…