Add Groups to Favorites in New IOS App

Hi There,

I haven’t seen anyone else ask for this so I thought I would. It would be useful if you could have groups in the Favorites section of the app similarly to the Automations section. It’s a little difficult to view everything completely flat.


Not available in the app at this point but check out the following:

That looks great. Is it only web based or a preview of things to come?

My SmartThings is currently Beta and web based only. What happens with the app in the future such as new features is unknown at this point.

What do you mean by “unknown”. Not supported anymore or a guarded secret?


You asked if it was a preview of things to come … unknown means I have no clue

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It was available in previous versions for the home screen but it got removed, this has been mentioned by many people lost in many posts

In accordance with the general rule of thumb with feedback your sensible and much needed points will be ignored by anyone that can affect change

The app is great, it is as Samsung announced, ‘the next big thing’

No doubt on the next update more functionality and usefulness will be removed

The app is great and continues to improve on each release, hopefully soon there will be no rooms just a long list, after all most people (according to ST ) only have 6 devices but all have pets, Samsung washing machines, cookers, hoovers and the like