Add device

I have a wifi speaker that is stuck on unavailable. I can delete it then add it again it will stay active for about 10 minutes then it goes unavailable again.

What device handler are you using and what brand/model is it?

It is a Samsung radiant 360r1. I’m not Sure which handler in using. Have
too look when I get home. I have 2 and the other one is working fine.

Off the top there could be a few things happening:

  1. Your device handler doesn’t support multiple devices or has issues (unlikely but possibly, can’t say until you know what DH is being used)
  2. Your device has a WiFi connectivity issue
  3. Most WiFi device issues I’ve seen are due to a caching problem with the network address on the ST platform (again depends upon the DH implementation). Best solution, delete the device. Reboot the hub. Reinstall the device.