Add Device - Philips Hue Suggested Device Notice

anyone else seeing this today?

I don’t have it.

I wonder if it’s a new version of SuperLAN Connect and means the new architecture Philips Hue Bridge LAN edge driver has been released. :thinking:


I got a similar thing for Kasa yesterday or the the day before on Android.

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yeah, it seems to scan apps on your phone and suggest adding the supported ones.

This came up for me today, so I thought that I just had to reuathenticate against hue.

Now I have duplicate hue devices that I cannot delete :pensive:

To remove the older integration, you would need to remove the hue bridge.

Doesn’t show up on my iPad but it does on my iPhone.

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iOS steps:
menu > settings cog > linked services > edit > delete Hue. (this is the cloud to cloud Hue integration)

I deleted both the old integration and the new.

Looks like the new integration doesn’t include groups, although not sure if the old one did.

Never noticed how bad the exposure of the Hue Motion Sensor is compared to the Edge version though.

What are we calling “old” and “new”. AFAIK its still just Hue Groovy DTH and Hue C2C.

The ‘old’ was the integration with Hue via account linking prior to this new notification today. The ‘new’ is the duplicate that was created today after re-authentication

Isn’t it the same? The notification at the top of the add device screen just shortcuts to the existing cloud to cloud integration.

Is it possible that you were previously linked using the local integration and now you have added the cloud to cloud integration? Smartthings allows you to have both integrations at the same time, but then you get duplicate devices.

That is the case…

But it all goes back to the way ST offers a suggestion for it…

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