Add Auto Relock on Locks

Please add the ability to re-lock locks after a specific duration of being unlocked. Having this ability in automations and scenes would be great too.

You can do this with native automation

Or any number of smartapps or WebCoRE


If you’re using LUM to program your lock and manage users you can have it auto relock after X minutes and also specify specific conditions when you want it to relock (e.g. Modes). You also have the ability to add an optional door sensor so it’ll only relock when it’s closed. [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

It’s also pretty easy to do in core/webcore

Probably a good idea for new users to skip CoRE and go directly to webCoRE


Thanks guys. Just figured it out.

Too bad my schlage lock doesn’t notify the hub when the door is locked or unlocked :frowning:

That may be a firmware issue on the hub - what’s the model number of your lock.

If you have a FE599 or BE369 Schlage lock its a know issue. There is a firmware update in beta that should resolve that.

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This may help explain it and resolve it until ST release the patch in the next firmware:

Auto re-lock can be dangerous when someone left the door open and close it later. If the person didn’t notice, the deadbolt could bang on the door frame and causing damage. Like someone mentioned, it needs to be paired with a door open/close sensor.