Add alexa devices to smartthings?

I was able to add smartthings to the alexa app, but is there a way to add an echo device to the smarrthings app? The reason I want to do this is because i want to sync this with actiontiles and to see whether an echo device is on/offline. Any help would be appreciated.

Not with the standard features. I’m not sure if you can do this with some of the advanced custom code like “askAlexa” or not.

@michaels or @tgauchat might know.

You can add an Echo device to SmartThings via EchoSpeaks. There is an attribute for online/offline status. However, you will need to tie this in with a Virtual Switch for each device and use a rule engine such as webCoRE to make the rule for ActionTiles to display online/offline status.

For example:

If Echo is online
Then with Virtual Switch
Turn on
Turn off

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I don’t think there is any standard ST capability for online/offline which would display as such in action tiles, so you might need to use virtual switch (as suggested above by rontalley) or some other virtual device type like contact sensor to get the display you are looking for.


Thank you all for your immediate response. I was able to get Echo Speak installed, now got to play around with it. Thanks again!!!