Add a button to existing Device Handler

Newbie here. I have a Gledopto RGB LED controller connected to a genertic LED strip that I use to light up my pool waterfall feature. I am using the LAN Hue Extended Color device type. All is working great. Allows me to turn on/off, control brightness, and pick a hue using the color wheel. I want to take this one step further and add an on/off button to the device handler to loop through the hues. I’ve searched high and low with little luck, but that maybe I could add this button to the device handler, then use a WebCoRE script to make this happen. Two questions for now… 1) Where do I get the code for the LAN Hue Extended device handler to build upon, or is that impossible? Can’t find it in my device handlers. 2) Am I going down the right path, or is there something already out there that will make this easier?

I’m not 100% sure from your description but yeah it seems like you can just create blank virtual/simulated buttons for each.
Then in webcore set it do when the virtual button is pressed turn the led red or what ever colour you choose.


Thanks! At least I’m not way off base. I guess the main question is, where do I find the code for the LAN Hue Extended Color Device Type? (I can use another device type as my base code, but it’s be easier to start from the one I’m actually using.) I just found the SmartThings GitHub – I’ll try searching through that.

Why do you need the device handler code ?
You don’t really need to touch that to do what you want to dom
They don’t allow access to all of them on the IDE website but like you say they should be in their GitHub.

I am using ActionTiles for a home control panel and rather than set up a separate virtual switch in ST and take up real estate on my panel, I’d like to just add a button to the existing Waterfall tile (that now gives me access to on/off, level, and color control) to additionally turn color looping on/off.

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