Acurite weather station question

I have an acurite weather station with a bridge and was wondering if anyone had looked into some type of integration into ST or smart tiles. Here is a couple links to give more info on the device i am talking about

No integration needed IF you are uploading to Weather Underground. You can install the SmartWeather Station tile. For the station you can put in PWS: and the name of the station. If you do a search, I’m sure there are other topics about this and probably some better directions. If I come across them I’ll post it here.

Edit: check this thread. Smart Weather station tile app

thank you very much

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I just purchased smartthings and looking for intergriation as well.

The Weather Underground can only add one sensor for each Acurite smartHub

and the Acurite smartHub can only report one sensor to weather underground.

since i have 6 sensors, this would not work for me…

does anyone know if myacurite has api?


I started working on integration of this sensor into a Arduino using a 433mhz reader around a year ago, got some of the small towers and 5in1 working but still needs some work. This could probably be integrated with ST Anything Arduino with some work if someone wants to work on it in their spare time, of which I don’t have a lot of.
Acurite Wireless Reading

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Hi @Yacko1975,

I am considering to buy a station and 5 sensors for indoor humidity zoning.
From your code, do I understand well that you access the station via 433MHz link?
If yes, could you tell me what is the difficulty you found to access the sensor directly rather than through the station?
My purpose would be to just buy the sensors rather than a full kit. So I would use a RPi or Arduino with a 433MHz transceiver like (CJRSLRB 5 Pcs XY-MK-5V / XY-FST 433Mhz Rf Transmitter and Receiver Link Kit for Arduino/Arm/McU/Raspberry pi 5 Pack feel free to recommend the adapter you used if it is different).


You can access them directly, my code does not fully work, although I am working on an update to it. I have been working to integrate it with the code from Anything Arduino but I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this. RTL_443 also has this working for various sensors, but does not integrate with smarththings.

There are a couple things that I don’t fully understand on these sensors but might not actually be an issue as they don’t seem to have an issue with it on their Internet gateway.

  1. How do they stop signals from over writing each other. I know it only transmits every so often but you would think this would happen some times. I know the check bit would be off and I would toss the packet but I have never seen it happen. I have 4 wireless 06044M and a 5in1 Pro+.
  2. Rain totals I have had trouble with when debugging, not sure if this is something I’ve done wrong as RTL_433 seems to have it working correctly.
  3. There seems to be some duplicate packets, not sure why some sensors seem to send more than once but these duplicates probably need weeded out for efficiency.
  4. Acurite themselves are unhelpful with this, all the code I have found has been reverse engineered not sure why they are this way as the communities they are selling to seem to like more features and having customers make them would be in their best interest.
  5. RTL_433 also seems to have the lightening detector working as well so this could possibly integrated into smart things. As I don’t have a lot of experience with smartthings integration I was hoping to find someone who had more experience with this to help me integrate this information.
  6. The receiver that you mentioned I could not get to work, I don’t know if I was doing something wrong or I got the wrong version, but I ended up having to use a 433Mhz Superheterodyne Make sure you create an antenna out of a piece of wire of the correct length.

Currently I am working on switching out the My_ISR sub for something possibly a little more reliable, it seems to crash and reset the arduino every so often and I am not sure its not causing some duplicating of packets.

Hope this wall of text wasn’t to much. Let me know if you have any questions.