Actually using ZRC-90 controller?

my smart things app recognizes this controller & adds it as a thing but thats about it.

is there some other app/driver that actually lets u use the buttons as a trigger for the smart things app?

ive successfully connected other buttons but its almost like smart things doesnt understand that this device has 8 different buttons in it? it doesn’t acknowledge ANY of the buttons

thanks in advance…sorry in advance for being dumb & double posting. i truly love my smart things and ive been happily using it for the last year or so. and thanks:)

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Are you familiar with using custom code? You will need a custom device type handler to be able to access the buttons.

Did you search the forum for the brand and model number, you should have found the following pretty quickly: ( The topic title is a clickable link)

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you will copy the author’s code and paste it into your account.

See the community FAQ for a description of the terms and process:

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thank you SO MUCH! seriously. you are a saint

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Thank @erocm1231 , he wrote the code, I just remembered where he put it. :laughing:

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man dammit. its saying i have to have a webserver to host the script…i think i thought i could do this from my phone or ipad but maybe im just dumb… :frowning:

No, you don’t. There’s no script. It’s just regular custom code that runs in the smartthings cloud. What are you reading exactly? Did you read the FAQ I linked to above?

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and it seems like they want “official” crap necessary like they want me to be a representative of a company’s product or whatever. is there some way i can just have my own personal developer test folder that doesn’t require me to register my own server?

sorry to throw this on you. but it seems like maybe the website & software has changed since these instructions were written

yeah. lemme go thru it again.

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You’re looking at the stuff for the new platform that they are in the process of building. But it’s not done yet and it doesn’t work with Z wave devices yet so you don’t have to worry about that.

The link I gave you is for using the current platform with the classic (V2) mobile app. That doesn’t require registering or any of the other stuff. It’s just cut and paste into your own SmartThings account. :sunglasses: