Activity history only shows dates - not times

(Mark) #1

I just started using ST yesterday and when checking the activity from yesterday all I can see is the date, not the times. All the activity from today shows the times. I found a couple routes to the history and they showed the same thing - no times before today. The exact times activities occurred would be really helpful. Is there another place that shows event times after the same day?

(Ben Edwards) #2

This is something at the front of our current backlog and should be addressed in an upcoming release.

(Doralee Ziomek) #3

I use an IFTTT recipe to enter the timestamp on a Google Spreadsheet and the time is reflected there. It works for me until the develpment team gets to this functionality.

(Beckwith) #4


You can see the times from the IDE.

Good to hear this is on the SmartThings list to fix.