Activate siren when contact sensor left open for X number of minutes?

Does anyone know if there is already a smartapp out there that does that? I have small children and would like to activate my everspring siren for just a moment or until I turn it off to alert us if they’ve somehow managed to go outside without us knowing about it.

There is a built in scheduler that will do it under ALERTS, VALUABLES in smart setup. You can have the alarm turn off after x minutes.

That said, I have a cousin who is a firefighter and he gives fire safety talks and works with one of the local HMOs. He feels very strongly that anything that sounds like a smoke alarm siren should only be used as a smoke alarm or people will start to ignore it. He said even if you have an autistic child who bolts,or an elderly person in the house with dementia, he would not use a smoke alarm siren sound for any other purpose.

He said in particular the person who has limited cognition will quickly learn to ignore the alarm, or even hide when they hear the alarm, exactly the opposite of you want to happen in a fire emergency.

So if this is a major issue for you he would recommend using a particular sound just for that.

Instead you could use one of the built in schedulers in the same section to send you a text. Or use if this then that, you could have it send you a message and have a special ring tone for calls from that number.

Or some people who have networked sound systems like Rocki or Sonos have those play an alert phrase like “the door was opened.”

Anyway lots of options just with the built in stuff.

You will find the built-in notifications, including the siren trigger, under the alerts category in smart setup in the mobile app.

  1. Open the mobile app to the dashboard and tap on the +.

  2. scroll right at the top of the smart set up screen until you get to alerts.

  3. you will see various notification schedulers there.

Regardless of whether you choose a sound, a light, the text message, the siren, or whatever, you will need an open/close sensor on each door or window that you want to monitor.

Thank you so much JD!