ActionTiles with Synology Video or Hikvision NVR

My old school BNC video camera system busted over the weekend, and I am in the market for a POE system now.

I am pretty set on purchasing Hikvision POE cameras, but right now, I am debating whether to purchase a POE Switch/Synology licenses and use their software OR purchase a Hikvision NVR. The Synology option costs $300 more since I don’t need to purchase a POE switch as well. Anyone have any opinions on this?

Will one or either work with ActionTiles?

ActionTiles is a webapp that runs in a browser, so in general it supports any camera that can be set to stream mjpeg.

I think all Hikvision cameras support mjpeg.

You can also check whether synology’s software or that hikvision NVR you’re considering can transcode a camera stream to mjpeg as an alternative way of getting the camera streams into a format that will work with AT.

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