ActionTiles v6.8 to v6.10 (formerly "SmartTiles V6") - Enhanced "Theme Builder"

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Major Release!

Big exciting Feature! Custom Theme Builder (i.e., custom color selection per Panel and per Tile Intention - not “per Thing” or “per Tile” or “per Tileset”). Includes the ability to copy the built-in ActionTiles Themes or your own existing Themes as a starting point, export and import Themes as a JSON clip in plain-text (or a downloaded .json file) for sharing with fellow Customers.

A Theme is of a set of colors for the Panel background, Tileset Titles, and the elements of Tiles for each of the 4 Tile Intentions. Themes may contain more properties in future versions.

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  • Custom Theme Builder.
  • Capability Voltage Tile.
  • Carbon Monoxide, Smoke Detector: treat “tested” state the same as “clear”.
  • PIN Code Pad appearance, Input (Tap) progress indicator, and improved performance.
  • Inter-panel fade animation changed to black (no white flash when using Panel Shortcut Tiles).
  • Other various performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.

Please let us know what you think of Custom Theme Building and the other features and tweaks in this Release! :blush:

Theme Builder has an “export / import” (as plain-text JSON) function, so you can easily share your creative Themes with other folks. We’re sure to build a library of these somewhere :thinking:.

Our “official” Release Notes & Discussion Topic is at:

Thank-you from your ActionTiles team…
…Terry & Alex.


Excellent, looking forward to having a play with this over the weekend.

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How do i import the theme?

Importing the theme from copying from here isn’t working. The “add” button doesn’t become selectable:

So I manually entered and then copied it out and and pasting in worked. It seems that copying out of the forums and pasting into the editor doesn’t work. Must be something in the character sets used in the forum.

Oh… sorry about that @RonV42; and thanks for reporting the behavior!

Indeed, the forum seems to be converting standard plain double-quotes " to open/close quotes “”.

That’s actually easy for folks to prevent when sharing Themes, but hard to remember!

When sharing a Theme here, be sure to surround the theme-text with triple back quotes ``` on a line by itself, before and after; like this…

  "accent-tile-background-color" : "white",
  "info-tile-background-color" : "#3675C4"

I have fixed the original post.

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Try the Theme Builder/Editor as of ActionTile v6.8.0…

Import and enjoy our “Old Glory” red, white and blues theme:

"accent-tile-background-color": "white",
"accent-tile-content-color": "red",
"accent-tile-footer-color": "#3675C4",
"accent-tile-header-color": "navy",
"info-tile-background-color": "#25399A",
"info-tile-content-color": "skyblue",
"info-tile-footer-color": "white",
"info-tile-header-color": "white",
"normal-tile-background-color": "#021B44",
"normal-tile-content-color": "#20F3FF",
"normal-tile-footer-color": "white",
"normal-tile-header-color": "white",
"panel-background-color": "#657FAD",
"tileset-header-color": "navy",
"warn-tile-background-color": "#C3090A",
"warn-tile-content-color": "#E9E9E9",
"warn-tile-footer-color": "white",
"warn-tile-header-color": "white"

If you have already purchased an ActionTiles License; please accept our big thanks! And please share this deal with your friends to enhance their SmartThings homes!

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@tgauchat I have an audio device integration for a 6 zone amp using @redloro’s great device handler/smartapp for the Russound multi-zone amplifiers.

Before I manually create virtual switches to control input sources for each of six zones and then tie them into WebCoRE, is there a way for ActionTiles to set a source on a device from a tile? Example: Tap the switch for the Living Room Speakers zone, get options to select source.

The DTH exposes the sources and WebCoRE can see them, but I don’t need automation with this so much as I want to get visual confirmation of zone selections.

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We’re proud of various recent improvements, and will keep them coming.

  • Release v6.9.0: Added Icon Library with over 3000 Icons that can be applied to most Tile types.
  • Release v6.9.1: Improved the Location Detail view page, along with minor bug fixes.
  • Release v6.9.2 (coming soon): By popular request, we have replaced the pop-up drawer control (for PIN entry, dim setting, color picking, routine selection, etc.) with a full screen overlay “Glass Dialog”. Easier to read, easier to touch, and improved responsiveness. Bug fixes related to certain non-typical Color bulbs.

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@tgauchat glad to see an app for this.
Any plans for the app to support multiple tabs or similar? (i use tabs in Fully to allow switching between multiple panels)

When do you think it will be possible to change a tile colour? Or has it happened already?

I can say that ActionTiles is freaking awesome and more than worth the buy in price. I have 10 Tablets running it throughout the house and it really took my Home Automation to another level.

I run Fully Kiosk along with DAKboard. Pictures display as a screensaver along with information such as news feeds, weather and calendar alerts. When I walk up to a Tablet, ActionTiles pops on in all its glory.

I sometimes feel like I’m rich even though I’m about as poor as most!


:blush: … Alex and I cannot thank-you enough for the compliments, Ron! We’re blown away when our Customers are blown away.

Our new Play Store and Amazon Appstore Apps are built on the Fully engine, so they have the “wake on tablet camera motion detection” and “screensaver URL” options (PLUS upgrade licenses will be required - at a slightly lower price than Fully charges).

You probably have left a Review / Recommendation somewhere? But just in case:

We need 5-Star Ratings / Reviews / Recommendations on Facebook, Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

The value of sincere and enticing endorsements is priceless! Just a rating isn’t as valuable as a short paragraph.

Thank-you tremendously,
Happy New Year!

Individual Tile customization is still limited to 4 Intentions (per the applied Theme).

Our Release Notes (including history) can be found here: ActionTiles Forum / AT Support & Ideas

The ActionTiles Kiosk App offers multiple open-tabs as per-tablet PLUS feature (same implementation as Fully).

Like Fully, swipe from the left edge of screen for the Kiosk Settings pages.

Enable pop-ups, and optionally enable the Address Bar to see all the tabs … but then you lose “full-immersive-screen”.

As I have had a bit of free time on my hands recently :grin: I have integrated Domoticz (running on a pi) with Smartthings hub using @dudz40 fantastic integration. I get temps coming through from my Oregon thermometers and can control my Somfy blinds just fine from within the smartthings interface. But if I create an ActionTile for the blinds the tile behaves bit strangely. You have to press the tile more than once for it to operate, it shows up as a switch (displays open close not up and down) and appears to have a dimmer slider. Of course the device is using the domoticzBlinds CDH and I know ActionTiles can only deal with some devices.
Has anyone else attempted this before and have a solution? I have fiddled about with creating a group in Domoticz and pushing that into smarthings as a simple on off switch but wondered if someone has a better suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

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I had recently purchased actiontiles using the 18.12% off and was playing around with the kiosk features such as auto turning on with movement using the camera. It had in the background saying a kiosk plus license was needed but I couldn’t find where to buy it. Tonight I saw an update was available so I installed and now that functionality is gone. How do I get it back and how do I get the kiosk plus license?

Hi Drew… Unfortunately, we were not able to come up with licensing scheme for Kiosk-PLUS Features that wasn’t very convoluted, confusing, and probably frustrating to customers who current expect all available features for the current license price. Maybe someday we’ll figure out how to organize this.

But no worries… You can get all the Kiosk-PLUS features by downloading, configuring, and licensing the Fully Kiosk Browser that is very popular with ActionTiles Customers.

  • If you use an Amazon FireOS tablet, please find the special “FireOS” version in the download area of

  • If you use a regular Android device, you can use the Fully Kiosk available in the Play Store.

Sorry about the confusion - but trust us, it’s better this way. The diversion would have driven us nutzo and hurt customer service.

Let me know if you have any question: Best to email