Actiontiles /SmartThings and Hubitat

Hi All,

I’m now a Hubitat convert having moved from smartthings around a year or so ago. I continue to use actiontiles though syncing my Hubitat device statuses with the smartthings cloud using a community app which means they are exposed to actiontiles. Out of preference for the feature set and aesthetics, I don’t plan to move away from actiontiles.

It all works great and I’ve unplugged my startthings hub sometime ago.

My question is, I’ve still got a smartthings “classic” account and I’m not planning to switch to the new set up unless I have to.

Is there and EOL date for the old accounts ? Without a hub, will I experience any issues switching to the new account set up?

I would imagine eventually you could run in to issues. Have you checked out dashboards? They work direct with hubitat.


Official statement:

How long will there be two apps?
We do not have a specific sunset date for SmartThings Classic, but it will not happen until the new SmartThings app can support you, our existing customers. We will let you know ahead of time before SmartThings Classic is no longer supported.