ActionTiles Panel with Aeon Labs Energy Meter

Does anyone have one of these energy meters displaying on an ActionTIles Panel?
My problem is the instantaneous energy is stuck on a value but it is not the correct value I see when I look at the app on my phone.
I used the device handler " Aeon HEMv2 Gen2 - AMR Basic Edition"
and this are the values that I see in the device;
energy: 25.167 kWh
power: 381 W
E_METER: 70.6
E_L1_L2: 70.6
E_L1: 25.14
E_L2: 0
W_L1_L2: 574
W_L1: 219
W_L2: 0
V_L1_L2: 245.7
V_L1: 247.5
A_L1_L2: 1.6
A_L1: 2.88
A_L2: 0

It is the 381W that ActionTiles shows but this never seems to change, I believe W_L1_L2: 574 is the correct one.

Any ideas how I get the right value into ActionTiles as there seems to be nothing I can change there?

Hi Paul…

Please don’t hesitate to bring this problem to ActionTiles’s own forum too:

  1. Do you have a link to that DTH? I can take a quick look.

  2. Currently, ActionTiles only supports official Capabilities (well, most of them), and not any ad hoc Attributes or Commands. So Energy Tile = … i.e., We look for and report values of the Attribute “energy” … nothing more and nothing less.

In other words:

This is the device handler

The main thing I want is just the instantaneous power so i can work out where i can save by controlling outlets and lights.

You can modify the Device Type Handler (or discuss with the Developer), to update the standard attribute “energy” with the value of one of the other State variables you listed, as as this W_L1_L2.

I don’t know whether or not that is the “correct” thing to do … but it would work.

I could have a go at that, it does seem though that it should be working ok so I am wondering if there is a problem with the device itself. I may remove it from the network and add again. It has spent a year turned off from when I was using a fibaro hub and only very recently was added to the smartthings hub.