ActionTiles Native Mac App using Fluid

I really love ActionTiles however I am on my macbook pro a lot these days and navigating to the app using a browser is still a few steps too many. So I went looking for a way to quickly make a “native” app that could frame ActionTiles.
Came across Fluid -

It takes about 3 secs to make an App, all you have to do is supply a URL. When you run the app it just opens that page in a dedicate pane when you launch the app. And if you pay 5 bucks it even allows you to put an icon on the mac status bar. When you click on the icon in status bar you get a framelss floating window with ActionTiles in it and when you click away from it, the windows closes. Fluid + ActionTiles are a great combo for mac users.

PS how come there is no tag for for mac here?

You can get Fluid here -



@625alex and I will take a closer look at this.

We just released “kiosk full screen browser wrapped” Android and FireOS Apps for ActionTiles to the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore last week. We are still shaking out some minor issues, that’s why there has not been a major announcement.

Search for “SmartThings Dashboard” (or other search criteria using the word “SmartThings”) to find the App … SEO is very valuable for us. And leave a 5-Star rating with an enticing review … please? :pray:

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Wow, great find! Thank you for sharing this!