ActionTiles - Any cosmetic update for PIN code entry planned?

So using Actiontiles on a Fire HD8 tablet as a security panel for my home. Everything is awesome, except when entering the security code…

The keypad that pops up to enter the code in is very blah-gray, and the numbers are very small with no lines or circles separating the numbers.

Is it possible to make the number pad larger with circles or squares around each number for entering security pins?


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That’s a great suggestion. @tgauchat will probably chime in and agree with me that you should make that suggestion on the ActionTiles forum. :wink:


I think there is a topic in the AT forum for this. IIRC they were following the Material Design standards (why no shape around numbers).

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I thought the same thing!

2 things that could be improved is the way you dim the lights and the little itty bitty number pad.

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We appreciate the feedback, everyone.*

Definitely use our own ActionTiles Feedback Forum though, as that’s designed to consolidate and rank requests. Every forum user gets a “Vote Budget” that they must judiciously allocate to the Topics which are most important to themselves.