ActionTiles 7 or 10 day forecast

I need a 7 or 10 day forecast to use as a media tile in ActionTiles, but haven’t been able to find one where I can use the html. Thsi is what I need but in 7 or 10 day. I can’t find it on that site, yet alone the one I have. This is 4 day.
[Weather forecast](" width=“300” height=“200” border=“0” alt="Monroe Township, New Jersey, weather forecast)

The closest you’ll find a “static” image is New York…
I pulled it from the local ABC Affiliate’s news site.

I know you were looking for something like this, but it is directly a source of that news channel.


As far as Monroe Township it is fairly small and not a lot of news stations. The closest I could find for you were text based 7 and 10 forecasts. Not the pretty image I know you want. Try searching for news gloucester county new jersey 7 day forecast to see if one of the bigger news stations has something in a jpg fashion like the one I shared with you for mine.

I have tried every page I could find, none show up in ActionTiles.

For it to work the url has to be a jpg or gif

The closest you are going to get is what Synthesis posted.

I checked all of the surrounding cities and they do not provide a 7 or 10 day forecast in a jpg or gif format anywhere. Most of them use Accuweather, but not a preformatted structure like the New York one. The good part about that one though is that it doesn’t say New York, so although it’s a few miles away, it will be close and look cool :smile:


You can go Philadelphia too as they have one

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OK got it, but wish I could find the original I had for Local.

So the 7 day is:

And the Radar Doppler you can use is:

On the second one, select like 3 or 4 seconds for the refresh rate

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Thanks. I already have the first done. I don’t know how why I can’t find the original I have.

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Hope you didn’t edit one and write over the top of it in an existing media. :tired_face:

No I still have it but it is 4 day. And I can’t find the original page to see if there is a 7 or 10 day.

When I’m testing, I just always add a new one. Half the time I never name em. I think I’m up to like Media 32. :joy:

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Goto the westherforyou website and see

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I tried that 100 times and can’t even see the original on the home page. I tried editing the URL also.

I can shorten that whole url and get this:

That is waht I have now. But was hoping for longer out forecast. Mine is the gray version.

Ya that’s the next parameter in the url. But modifying the days and Max days has no effect, so where you got that original 4 day is beyond me because it didn’t originate from their site

Maybe not, but I sure can’t find it.

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What’s funny is your 4 day url is and that link doesn’t redirect. However if you goto you get redirected to the .com and nowhere is there anyway to bring that page back up. Let me know if you find the original source and can expand to 7 days.

I will, but I have been searching for this for hours.