Actions don't work from my apple watch

I just installed the smartthings app update and enabled it on my apple watch. I added a few actions to display on my watch. When I launch the app on my watch the chosen actions do appear but when i tap on one, nothign happens - it does not actually perform the action.

It does work if i tap it from the notification center widget on my iphone but for some reason it is just not working from the watch.

what can I do to get this working?

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you might want to email support directly.

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Anyone else having issues, too? I have the exact symptoms.

Same here - I’ve had it work about 5% of the time. Doesn’t help that there is no feedback when you tap the button from the watch either. Sometimes I don’t know if the tap even worked so I just hit it a bunch of times… but like I said, rarely has worked.

Is this still a known issue? Just got my Watch and installed ST to find that none of my actions seem to work :frowning: