Action Tiles Driver

How will the action tiles be with the driver migration?

Isn’t it going to die with groovy?

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Edge drivers are used to integrate devices to SmartThings. Action Tiles is a smart app for controlling those devices, so it doesn’t use drivers in the new SmartThings architecture. Last I heard it still uses Groovy, so it will need to be moved to the new smartapp architecture at some point. Maybe @625alex can provide a quick update.


Exactly… I think it will stop working with the new platform…

The ActionTiles smart app will be moved to the new API whenever the API is ready.

ActionTiles interfaces with device Capabilities, so the device drivers are irrelevant.

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Oh, the API isn’t ready yet? Any idea when it will be?

There’s no concrete information at this time.

It sounds like smartthings is killing groovy on September 30 so if the API isn’t ready, AT stops working too?

It depends what you read and how you interpret it. For example, there is the following in the context of DTH to Edge migration …

The transition of these devices is already underway and will be completed over the next few months.

Obvious ‘few’ is open to interpretation but it does makes it sound that DTHs aren’t going to suddenly stop working in less than a month and a half.

September 30th seems way too close to turn stuff off given there are still devices to be added to stock drivers and they need to be beta tested and corrected if necessary and that takes time. There are still additions and changes being made to stock DTHs. Removing the ability to do anything new or fiddle with things after that date seems more plausible to me.

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I agree that it does seem close. :slight_smile:

That’s why I’m asking Alex from AT to provide an answer. He said the APIs aren’t available, so it sure sounds like AT is dying. I don’t want to get caught off guard or last minute, so it seems reasonable to ask AT to provide a statement.

When I talked to ST staff for my article they indicated Sep 30th is the drop dead date. Migrations will begin around end of August.

Users of action tiles are asking if action tiles will continue to function after sept 30, 2022 when groovy is turned off. That is only 45 days or so days away. We need time to plan. Just pushing it off and saying the API is not ready is not helpful. When we ask smartthings, they act like the API is functional. So mix messages. Up front communication would be best.

And time to remove works with smartthings from actiontiles website.

Please refer to the ActionTiles forum for more information.

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