Action / Task Priority

Forgive me if this has been answered before, my search did not find a suitable answer.

How are behaviors prioritized within Smartthings? Is this documented somewhere? Is it possible to change what has reign over another behavior, action, or task?

My specific example:

My kitchen lights are on a single pole switch, but also activated by a motion sensor. The motion sensor automatically turns the lights off after a minute without motion. Often times when activated by the wall switch, purposefully to have the lights on for an extended period of time without interruption - they will shut off as if being activated by the motion sensor. Is there a way for the switch to take priority over the action set off by the motion sensor?

Right now there isn’t a way to do that. All actions have the same priority and will fire accordingly. I would like to see a system to handle that better though.

Yes there is. See this thread:
See near the bottom of the thread. This allows the physical switch to “override” the motion sensor turn-on/turn-off logic. If you turn the switch on manually, then the motion will not turn it off. You will have to turn it off manually. However, if motion turns it on, then motion will turn it back off.

Thanks @bravenel, I’ll check it out.

There is a similar thing that can be done to temporarily disable motion sensors from turning something on, and the little apps can be modified to work with dimmers