Action misbehaving. (I think)

I have an action called “I’m Back” is set when a virtual switch is set to on. In this case, the mode is set to “Home” and it is supposed to unlock a door. The latter never happens. My log simply has “Welcome Home! I changed mode from Away to Home as you requested”.

Conversely, when the virtual switch is set to off the “Goodbye” action is set which changes mode to Away and Llocks a door. This works like a charm.

Is there some safety precaution in place that prevent the “I am Back” action from invoking the “Unlock door command”?

You may just have a synch problem in the cloud. Try removing the I’m Back phrase, and start over with it, reselecting what you need. Sometimes that will clear up a problem like this. It should unlock the door, as you think it should. If that doesn’t clear it up, send an email to support.

Ok… here is the funny thing. I set up the “I’m Back” action (without removing it) once again by (re)selecting the Unlock door option and today??? You guessed it. It worked. :blush:

Ya, that’s what support would have told you to do.

I must have spent an hour or more yesterday playing with this option. Of course, this would all be so boring if everything work ed first time every time :smile: