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ActiON Dashboard 4.6.3 is here! (Now

(Alex) #80

If you want to give it a shot yourself, you can try to reorder lines in allDeviceData method on line 416.

I’m planning to implement this feature this weekend. I’ve been putting this off because it is not trivial.

(Darc Ranger) #81

I know Alex is working on this as a future update. I also found for within groups like switches/Dimmers/Temp/ect., I can get those in the order I want by simply selecting them in the order I want in the phone app I use.


I’ve gotten foscam streams working for MJPEG cams, so far i’ve tested with FI8905w, FI8910w, and FI8909w.

This is my first time editing someone else’s code and using github so if I screwed anything up let me know.

link to fork on github

(Alex) #83

Thanks, there’s always a first.


basically i changed it from a flash container to an img, added the http commands to get the video stream and copied the other config and tile rendering info.

(Alex) #85

Looks good to me!

I will merge it later on.


thanks! and thanks for your great app!


it looks like chrome on iOS doesn’t like MJPEG streams in IMG but it works in Safari. I haven’t been able to test other browsers yet.

(Alex) #88

Well, it’s important. Try mobile browsers too.

I don’t have any of these cameras to test.


yep i’ve been testing on mobile only so far since work blocks dynamic DNS. i may have found a fix.


Thanks for looking into this.
The new Foscam addition seems to work fine in Chrome on Windows 7 PC and Android 4.4 for me. Also seems to work in the default Browser for Android 4.4.

Tested IE 11 in Windows 7 for the heck of it and just get grey placeholders for each IPCAM.


darn chrome and browser security

Our intent is as follows: If the target is an image, and it is cross domain, and there is no ambient authority already established by a prompt on that domain, then neither use the credentials embedded in the URL nor prompt for credentials.

(King) #92

Thanks for taking the time to explain. Nice work!

(King) #93

I use blueiris inside my network for cameras.

Using the foscam code, I was able to use the following url


when you do edit the 4.1 code to add foscam, if you could put a / blueiris in there too.
http…for MJPEG cams use ipaddress/mjpg/camname/video.mjpeg



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(Andrew Urman) #94

bad ass @625alex

I’m glad you put up a donate button! I kicked in :smile: , I’d encourage other people to as well!

(Alex) #95

Thanks @urman and all the folks that hit that button!

(Alex) #96

@k3v0, could you also incorporate this into your code and send me a pull request on github? I have never done that either, so we will learn together.

Could we dynamically determine what type of container to use based on the URL? So far we have two categories: Dropcam and Foscam/BlueIris.

(John O) #97

Have dashboard 4 up and running. Everything works great except the motion. In dashboard 3 if there was motion an icon of a guy would start flashing in a box. In version 4 it’s two arrows, however I don’t see the arrows changing when there is motion. Are the supposed to get brighter? Change direction?


@625alex I’m thinking short term I’ll change the foscam type to generic MJPEG and update the instructions for blueiris cams. Long term I’m thinking it may be nice to have radio buttons or something to decide which brand of camera is being used and then dynamically generating the URL for the feed and selecting the flash player based on whether or not it’s a generic MJPEG or dropcam so users don’t have to put in the full URL, just the domain, port and usr/pwd.


@jking3 could you try my updated code?

I don’t have a blueiris cam to test. Foscam cams look good with the refactor for generic MJPEG. Once this is confirmed I’ll send the pull request.