Action based on weather forecast

I tried picking through the older threads for this but couldn’t seem to find an answer. I would like to be able to take action if the forecasted temperature is going to be below X degrees. Even better if I could factor in wind and/or inclimate weather. When the weather is at risk of knocking out our power, and its going to be very cold, I usually keep the heat up all the time as opposed to letting it drop while we are away or asleep. I found the accuweather app but only seem to be able to reference the current temp. Any suggestions?

If you’re a coder at all (I’m not advanced enough yet to really help much on this one), you could look at some SmartApps like these to see what they’re doing to get the information, and to see how they use it to spawn automations, etc.


Thanks, will give that route a try.

I didn’t even consider that was already baked-in. Thanks a lot!

Any idea if it can read same details from the BloomSky Weather Station?
(checking myself now…)

Yep, it works with BloomSky too. :slight_smile:
My results are kinda sketchy so far, but I’m assuming that’s more about my awful Piston writing talents than about whether it should work or not. lol


I got my tile setup but what type of device would I choose when setting the IF condition? I can’t seem to find one that gives me the views from your screen shot. Also, doesn’t look like there is a forecast temp right?

I am using core and ifttt integration

What in IFTTT do you use?

Weather underground channel calling a Webservice.
The Web service is a core piston that does whatever you want.

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Awesome, just configured a test IFTTT trigger and it worked so will use the WU next day forecast and do the same. Thanks!

Where is this located?

It’s so simple!! Thank you!

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How do you get to the attribute screen in CoRE? What capability do I need to select?

Do you mean the weather tile method? I couldn’t get that to do what I wanted so ended up using ifttt which has been working great.

You might need to enable expert mode under the main CoRE settings in order to achieve this.

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That was it! Thank you!

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Check out the Notification Add-on for EchoSistant. It now has triggers for temperature, wind gusts, humidity and precipitation below or above the level you set, with your choice of how often to check for changes. You can install EchoSistant and the Notification add on even if you don’t use Alexa devices. Below is the announcement post for the triggers. … EchoSistant also has inclement weather alerts and hourly forecast changes, which can be delivered in audio format via a remote speaker OR text via sms and push…

Check EchoSistant with CoRE integration (see post above). You create a Profile in EchoSistant that can trigger based on weather events and that would fire a Piston to take the actions you need.

Thanks, will check that out. I like the wind being tied in as that’s really what I wanted. A combo of temp and wind. . .which risks power outage so I want to make sure I raise the temp inside.

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Reading your post yesterday motivated me to write up a thread for what the new Weather Engine in the EchoSistant can do … :slight_smile: