Acculink Thermostat for Smartthings?

Is anyone out there using a Zwave Acculink Thermostat with Smartthings? I’m specifically looking at this one:

But I can’t find anything to suggest that it will work. I’ve just discovered that American Standard uses a proprietary way of controlling their equipment via a single data wire. Probably some kind of serial communication, but needless to say a standard thermostat will not work.

Any ideas?



That is almost exactly the same as the Evolve’s (glass faced T100r’s) I use, even the documentation is same. Mine work flawlessly. I replaced my Honeywell zwave thermos with the Evolve’s and never looked back. I have a device type built just for these too, including the fan cycler mode (once enabled in the thermo during set up).

Interestingly, now that I’ve reviewed the instructions for that thermostat, it doesn’t actually appear to support my heat pump. There are only three wires between the unit and the thermostat. Power, ground, and a single data cable. I can’t find any thermostat that supports that. Frustrating! American “Standard” eh??? :smile: