Acceleration Detection

How can I detect acceleration using a virtual switch (turn on with acceleration off with no acceleration)? Since IFTTT doesn’t detect acceleration I’m thinking a virtual switch might work but I’m not sure how to trigger the switch. Everything I’ve found in ST will notify but not change the state of a switch. Any thoughts?

Copy the Device Type and change what attribute it sets when acceleration is detected.

There is a template already in the IDE to start… I think it is called Virtual Garage Open or similar…

Is there something specific you are trying to do in IFTTT? Just wondering if there might be another approach.

I was wanting to edit a spreadsheet each time my sump pump runs so I can track the frequency it runs. I am using the sump pump monitor app but would like to track a bit more long term.

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@tgauchat, I’m still becoming familiar with the IDE so I’m not sure what you mean. What device type are you referring to? Not really getting the attribute either. Sorry for my confusion.

I’m available to Skype & screen share.

It is easier to demo and/or watch your screen as suggest steps…

Private message me with some convenient time slots for you?

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You could use @tslagle13 sump pump app and use ifttt to log texts regarding activity to google drive.

I think tracking when it runs twice in X minutes is more important than occasional one off runs. But I guess it just depends on your sump issue.