Ability to disable motion sensing for certain modes?

What JD and Robert mean by the device is sleepy is that you typically have to press a physical button to wake the device up to accept that particular parameter change.

In short you would have to physically press a button on each one of these changes to wake the device up so that it could accept those commands.

So, Yes the device has the capability to turn off the pir, but It most likely can’t (at least not easily, or reliably) be used the way you want it to be used.

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OK I’ve emailed Aeon Labs asking about this.

I assure you this is accurate. I work with Chris Cheng on a semi regular basis. You need to read the Z-wave primers and SmartThings developer documentation and perhaps it will make more sense.

It will still be sleeping most of the time.

Most Z wave and zigbee battery-powered devices sleep almost all the time. This is to extend the battery life and reduce the power requirements.

Unlike Wi-Fi devices which stay connected continuously, mesh devices use a method called sampling. They sleep most of the time, then wake up periodically and check to see if anything has changed.

If it has changed more then their setpoint Delta, then they send a notification report and go back to sleep.

If it has not changed more than their setpoint Delta, they just go back to sleep until the next scheduled wake up time.

Many of the devices allow you to change the frequency of the wake timer, but even so they’ll still be asleep most of the time.

As Robert has already explained, this can cause problems during configure.

BTW, you can use Rule Machine Expert Features to reveal these commands from the device, if they are available. In Custom Commands, select capability Motion, then select one of these devices, then click on New custom command. There you will see all of the commands that the device is capable of.

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Absolutely, He could try it too, but the device most likely won’t wake up to accept the change the way he’s hoping for

Yea, I know. But it would be interesting to see what the device handler reveals. May all be moot.

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Even if there’s some lag-time before the machine wakes up to receive its new state, that’s still acceptable. I can always tweak the time setting for this anyway. Is this an option ?

The issue with battery devices is that many of them sleep, and while sleeping do not respond to configuration changes.
You could try this app, the configured zones can be activated for specific modes.

Thanks Mike, will check it out.

Unfortunately, no. The configure message doesn’t get saved anywhere. It has to hit the device at the exact moment that the device is awake. That’s why the configure is normally done during the initial join process. many mesh devices extend the wake period during the join which gives you time to get everything done. But that will require physical manipulation of the device which doesn’t really seem practical for this use case.

Hmm OK… thank you all for your input so far.