ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition

Hi Thomas

ABC should be setup in the Classic App which will should work fine, just remember to install both master and child app but don’t publish child app.

If you have both Classic and New app installed it should then work in both



Thank you very much for your answer, Paul. Really appreciate it!

I got it working in the classic app as you described :+1:

Regards, Thomas


I don’t think this is possible as such but I could look into allowing a keypress to repeat an event so you could program the button to vol down x times, alternatively I could see if I could add a vol up/down % event

Hi Thomas

I will see if I can add an action to either inc/dec vol by % or to % in a future release


Hey @Paul_Sheldon I am having an issue with my new LZW36 from @Eric_Inovelli and team.

When I try to select as device, it comes in with 6 buttons, but it in fact has 9. I’ll be posting over on the Inovelli community forum to get this resolved as it is showing 6 in the DTH:


When I go to advanced and change it to 9, it closes and gives a connection error. Is this because it is broadcasting 6 and I’m trying to overwrite to 9?

Basically I am trying to overwrite the circadian rhythym dimming (via turning off the default local level child device) for 4 hours if a user changes the dimming manually via button 7 press/hold.

Edit: I changed the DTH to 9, it reports 9 in the IDE and in the app when I start it up, but trying to do anything with button 7 gives me the infamous “We’re having trouble connecting” error. Note I am at work within their Wifi so that might be screwing with it, but figured I’d give the latest information.

Is there no option to select a Scene? It appears I can only use Routines created in the old app.

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Not at the moment sorry

I’ll take a look at the code in ABC, can you let me know which DTH you are using please

Kevin Did you test this to see if it worked, if its ok I’ll add it to the next release due out soon

No unfortunately I didn’t remember to test. I’ll try to tonight.

Edit: Unfortunately even over 4G it’s not working where my other switches are. I suspect it will need to be looked at. Do I need to be looking into a beta version or something? I didn’t see a change on the SmartApp side.

Hey @Kevin_Reene – I think @erocm1231 fixed the button issue so hopefully you’re seeing the correct amount of buttons:


Thanks for the update @Eric_Inovelli,saved me trawling code which can be difficult if you dont have devices. Glad to support Inovelli in ABC Controller

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With the smartthings button, it only gives the option to use when pushed and held, not double pushed, or am I missing the double push option?

Its normally the device handler that converts double pushes etc. into a vitural button so for example double push on button 1 coul drepresent button 6 etc.

Paul can you help me with the Pico remote dimmer up and down switches. I’m trying to use the up and down switches to toggle different virtual switches but one after the other. The toggle option right now switches all on and off at the same time. I would like to do toggle one after the other. Can you help me with the modified function / definition for that. Would really appreciate that.

Interesting, not sure how we could accomplish that but I’ll certainly take a look for you

To give you a little more info on what exactly I’m trying to accomplish. I have Wyze bulbs n other smart life bulbs which i cannot dim directly with SmartThings, so i ended up creating virtual dimmer switches that call IFTTT and the IFTTT routine runs a specific dimmer level for each switch. The on off button on Pico works fine for these bulbs but when i try to Dim I’m trying to toggle through these virtual switches so that i can go up or down the virtual switches in a order to get the brightness up or down depending on the up or down on the Pico remotes. I love the Pico remote and ABC mapper smart app, just this would help tremendously in getting those other bulbs do the dimming functionality that the virtual dimmer in SmartThings wont control…Hopefully this gives you a better picture of the crazy things going in my head :slight_smile:

Thanks again for looking into this.

What do you think ? Is it possible ??


You can get it here

Where are the instructions to add the SmartApp and Device Handler? The Github page just has a bunch of code in various folders. How am I supposed to use it? What code do I copy and paste into the IDE?

I’m trying to add the TradFri IKEA 5 button remote but the SmartThings Classic app doesn’t see it when adding a new device. I pressed the pairing button on the remote and held it down for over 10 seconds. What do I need to do to recognize it?

ABC is only a smart app, not a device handler. To be able to add custom code, I’d suggest reading this post.

On the IKEA button, it appears that ST supports it natively. Try the new app, I picked IKEA and it was a device that was addable.