ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition


I’ve done a change which I think will do what you want

Light Off – turns light on and the toggle off-on

Light on – toggle off-on

I can send you the BC child code if you want to try it for me (I’ve tested it on a normal light)

If your setup for GitHub updates on the IDE the change the setting for my branch from master to onofftest and I will upload it



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Any update on Sonos working again?


Sorry I didn’t realize it wasn’t working, ok I’ll take a look for you. Do you get any error messages?

On it, will test!

Edit: And THANK YOU! This is more than I could have hoped for!

Edit2: As of 7:37a CST I don’t see the onofftest branch in github. Just FYI.


No worries. I can’t set a new one up. I get “There are no devices of this capability” when I choose “Speakers (toggle play-pause)”


I’ve just created it now



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IDE is telling me: You don’t have access to paulsheldon/SmartThings-PS
Is there something I’m doing wrong?

No nothing at all I’ve just tested it and its working fine.

Can someone else try please

Adding the .groovy via the code tab works perfectly btw, so I’m set up for now. I just like to have the github repo added for easy updating.

It is working for me.

When I had that problem, it was because the IDE’s Github integration had become internally disconnected. It wouldn’t access any repo, even for updates.

The only way to fix it is to disconnect the Github integration and re-enable it. But before you disconnect it, take screen shots of the My SmartApps page, the My Device Handlers page, and the Settings, showing all your existing Github assignments, because you’ll have to reestablish them all again. (I have over 2 dozen). Use “Settings->(disconnect)” to end the integration, and then enable it again. Only do that on either the My SmartApps or My Device Handlers page, but not both.

I’ve disconnected Github only to be informed that (re)connecting Github is only allowed in the US. I’m in Europe. Don’t know why that’s a policy, but it is what it is.

I’m in UK and connected to gitHub

Before proceeding to enable GitHub integration in the IDE, be aware that:

1. GitHub IDE integration is not supported outside the US.
2. GitHub IDE integration may negatively impact the performance of the IDE

I’m not sure why it’s working for you then, but it seems to be policy. However, after following this link: I managed to reconnect Github regardless of my location. So yaye, it’s working again :slight_smile:

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@Paul_Sheldon - I have the SmartThings button, and I would like to program it to do things on single press, double press and long press. I see where I can do single press and long press, but not double press - is that possible, and do you know how to configure it?

I looked in the event logs, and It shows as a “double”.

Thank you very much - I appreciate any input you might have!

Ok - after reading something, I went into the new ST app, and from there it appears I can do all 3 natively, which works for me! If there is a way to do it with your app, would be curious too, but I think I have what I need for now!


If you could send me details of the make and model of button and which device handler you are using I can take a look for you



Hey Paul – it’s the Samsung SmartThings “Button” – here’s a link to it on the Samsung site: I am using the “SmartSense Button” DTH, which I think is native (I didn’t have to specify it during setup, anyway…)

Does that help? Having some issues on the Alexa side of things – the outlets I am trying to control with this are Alexa only (they are WiFi and don’t show up in ST), so I created “Virtual Alexa Switches” with a DTH. I have the “new” ST app set up so that the buttons turn on/off the Virtual Alexa Switches, and since those do show up in Alexa, I have routines set up that *should turn on/off the outlets when the virtual switch turns on/off. This works for devices that show up in both Alexa and ST, but for the ones I actually want to control (Alexa-only outlets), it is not turning them on/off. I have this set up for other things (not related to a button though), and it works OK, so it should work, but decided to give me a headache instead… J

So, if this is an option, it might fix it for me, too! Thank you again for looking into it!

Hi @ijhammo and @Paul_Sheldon what to do when you get the network error? I’m on the app as well…

Hi, I have been using ABC for a while now to add functionality to a bedside 4 button zigbee remote for my wife. I have a use case where she needs to be able to lower the volume of my home theatre in an adjacent room. I have KukuHarmony setup on a server and this allows control of individual commands for any device that Harmony controls. Combined with ABC the best I can do is tied the power on and power off commands both to Volume Down then I can have ABC “toggle” the receiver with each button press, sending a single Volume Down command each time.

Is it possible to add macros or sequences in ABC so a button press can send multiple events, one after the other? I’d like Vol Down, Vol Down, Vol Down for example. Thanks.

Edit: I was able to finally get this working but avoiding ABC button configuration altogether. I created a webcore function that watches for the button press and executes volume down a bunch of times.

Hi - I was using Webcore to configure my buttons before but found ABC as I was looking for a Smartapp that could handle release of an Ikea 2-button dimmer.

Everything is good, but it seems like ABC cannot do a “while - loop” to continue increasing volume of a speaker when button held until it is released?

Is that true?