ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition

I have the axis gear for my blinds. They also dont show up as shades. I got it to work with ABC under switches toggle on/off and dimmers. Which should also work for your shades.

I’m new to using custom SmartApps and I’m having issues using ABC from the new ST app. I installed via the ST Classic and am able to configure button actions there. But I when I go to the new app, I can select a button but get error when I got select devices: “Network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

I saw the previous post about installing ABC (published) and child creator (unpublished). I had published both… so I uninstalled, deleted, and then re-added to IDE correctly and installed via ST Classic. But I still get the error.

Any suggestions?

I get the same f I use the new app to try to configure it. But it works using the classic app to configure it.

For info:
The IKEA blinds doesn’t show either…
Maybe a bug…?

Thanks for all of the hard work guys!

I know programmers get touchy about “their icons” but I wanted to put forth a couple ideas that were researched on the idea that the icon should resemble a brand. And a brand needs to be memorable for infants. Think “Coke, Pepsi, Adidas, Chevy, Zillow, Gateway Computers (haha I know you know what I am talking about!)”

So here are a couple ideas and where the ideas can be pulled together from.

v1 (original for comparison)

v2 proposed icon

v3 proposed icon

v2 reworked content source
v3 reworked content source

I don’t mind making requested changes for entertainment purposes, just let me know.

Thanks for your ideas for a new brand. The icon was chosen by the originall developer who has branced the product over to a different Smart system, to maintain the link we shall keep the icon the same for now

Unfortunately I dont have any blinds to test with however if I get the chance to borow one I will try to see if it is ABC or the device handler causing the problems

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Yes at the moment the app is only guarenteed to work on the Classic version although I have had no problems with my setup on the new versiob if installed after the classic one. I will be trying to make it more compatiable later in the year

At the moment we cannot guarentee 100% compatability with the new app, however if youy have both new & classic installed and configure in the classic app it shoul din theory work in the new app

Capabilities are set in the Device Handler if you send me a link to the one you are using I;ll take a look to see if anything can be done

No worries. it all works for me. although the increment warmth of the bulb wasn’t working for me… logs were talking about a null value… (I think the bulb - ikea tradfri 1000lm) wasn’t reporting the current value). However, I also coul;dn’t set the value to < 2700… I have since fixed that issue by changing device type, so whilst I haven’t retested the colour incremention feature since, I suspect the device handler change might well have fixed it…

Martin, There is a fix for Colour Temp in the next release due out at the end of this month

I made a pull request last week fixing the app for Ikea bulbs. (I only have Ikea ones, so I can’t test if it breaks compatibility with other bulbs.)

As above there is already a fix in place for this coming out this month it’s been in the code since beginning of Feb, just needs final testing and it can be release

Hi all,
thanks a ton for ABC, I’ve been struggling to find a hub that will allow to control all the feats of that new generation of z-wave devices.
I’m still confused about sth though, back in the days I had a Zipato and rules were run locally on the device making it great both when the Internet goes down, but also to pass over the setup to someone buying the house (that actually happened).

It seems the ABC won’t work locally on the device, any reason for that?


Hey all,

Would this be able to control the Ikea 5 button remote. use it to control another device? I have a Nanoleaf Canvas set up in the app using a custom device handler and would love to be able to use the lift right arrows on the button to change scenes.

Thanks :slight_smile:


So, its a little confusing to get set up. But I now have it controlling the Nanoleaf Canvas for incremental dimming and on/off on the Ikea 5 button remote.

So thanks for a great app.

Can I also use this to control scenes? it would be great to be able to use the left and right buttons to cycle though my Nanoleaf scenes

I’m not too sure as I only took over the app last year. I will take a look and see if there is something obvious in the code

I’ll have to take a look at Nanoleaf.

Could you add an issue for me on GitHub

Thanks, Paul

The new version was released today

This has been released today thanks for the input