ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition

Thanks for the comments, I’ll see if the min/max option is available

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Hi, You should be able to control your Sonos with any button for track next/prev, mute, volume etc.

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Interesting. I don’t need to do this as I control my Sonos with a SharpTools dashboard, but I did notice after reading this thread that neither of my Sonos’s at two locations is exposed to ABC. Not sure if this makes a difference, but I am still using the old Sonos app as I have a couple legacy devices that are not compatible with the newer Sonos app.

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Can’t seem to install ABC controller in the new ST app. I’ve installed the master and child as per the install instructions and they populate on my ST Groovy IED under MySmartApps, but not on my phone app. I can’t get it to populate in my android ST app. I tried to use the classic to install it on my phone app but classic won’t load at all now. How do I get ABC into the new APP without classic?

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I have same challenge…looking forward how to solve

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I don’t have an answer to help you; ABC Manager shows up under Automation → SmartApps (scroll down) for my on the new ST Android app for me, but I originally installed it long, long ago.

However, this app will stop working once they turn off Groovy support, which was supposed to happen this year (but looks like it might be delayed). I’d suggest searching for something else to accomplish what you are trying to do rather then spending time trying to get this (or any other Groovy SmartApp) to work. I’d suggest some automation or playing with the Rules API.

(and I no longer use ABC on ST; I use a very similar app on another platform these days)

Maybe this will help: Add SmartApp is not available as an option in the NEW Apps

Yeah this did not help. I am having similar issues with some apps on my IDE not showing up to be installed.

Yeah, this did not help. I am having similar issues with some apps on my IDE not showing up to be installed.

Hi, Sorry its been a while but really busy at work and trying to fit everything in with Chronic Fatigue can give me amounts large downtime.

I’m waiting to see what happens going forward with Groovy and SmartThings before I do anything major but happy to look at supporting small bugs etc.

As for installing, I’ve reinstalled in on my phone using the above method and all works well.