ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition

Are you doing something that could be accomplished with Routines or Rules instead?

You’ve taken the effort to put your device on an Edge driver, which gives you local processing and futureproofing. Now you’re setting up automations with a Groovy smartapp, which means you’re back to cloud processing and the threat of the Groovy end of life.

Hi I’m looking into the Edge drivers, now I have a few devices to test with. I’ll post an update in the next week or so.


I wish I could localize raising level but there isn’t any function for it AFAIK? I

Ah. Yeah, an incremental level adjustment definitely isn’t currently available in routines unless the driver for the device you’re dimming has that as a custom function that can be called.

It might be possible in rules - @nayelyz posted an example showing mirroring between two devices which is a similar level of complexity. I haven’t started messing around with rules yet to know for sure what’s possible though.

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Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but I’ve been fighting this odd behavior for days now. I’m using HS-WD100+, HS-WD200+, as well as an odd HS-WS100+. All were working fine with a v2 hub, and ABC leveraging muti-tap controls. Now I started losing 1 of my WD and ended up replacing my hub to the Aeotec and starting over. However, can’t seem to figure out how to get passed the change of 8 to 1 button (with behavior or something). I can force the ST app on my iphone to “show” 8 buttons, but they all say the same thing, which is the last I picked. When I go in it has the right name though it’s missing the picture… and ultimately, whatever I configure to do it doesn’t… Anyone know what I’m doing wrong???

With the recent updates in ST and updates to Homeseer device handlers, I don’t need the ABC smartapp anymore. I can do it all with the standard automations (routines)–even changing the LEDs on the 200/300 series switches.

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Hi Brent, thank for using the app, good luck with automation. I’m just pausing the development to see what Smart Things provides so I can redevelop ABC to fit in the new regime.

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Is it possible to add a push notification and/or an SMS text via ABC? I am looking but don’t see the options. The old samsung button controller app has those options, but that app won’t work for me any longer. I installed ABC, but don’t see those options and figured I would ask.

Paul, the app is amazing. Moved everything over to automations not knowing what would happen with groovy smart apps.

Hello All,

Hoping to get some help. I used to use ABC Manager a while back (2-3 years or so) when SmartThings Classic was still working as it should and before the new version came out… I had moved and pulled all my HomeSeer WD100+ dimmers and they’ve been sitting in a box this whole time. Fast-forward this week, I’ve installed all of them back at a new residence and hooked-up SmartThings and set everything up on the new version, but ABC Manager does not work. It says that there are no devices to be selected, though I have like 7-8 Homeseer dimmers around the house and all of them work with SmartThings for On/Off/Dim functions, but I am looking to get the Double and Triple tap actions back.

I’ve updated the code for the ABC Manager and ABC Child Creator, only published the Manager, not the Child Creator, but the same still applies. I am not able to assign any functions to any of the existing dimmers that I have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which device type handler are you using for your dimmers?

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I have the darwin one still installed on my ST from way before.

I’m also using the Darwin one, but the latest version (which is 1.08). I would suggest updating (if you haven’t already) to the latest DTH and also confirm in the device that it is using that DTH (not sure if you excluded and reincluded when you took them out and reinstalled them).

Here is the way my switch looks in the IDE ( that appears to show the multiple tap actions:

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Mine does NOT look like that… The below is what I did:
Removed the switch from ST by unpairing it (was not able to reset the switch with triple tap up and down)
Removed the old DH for the WD100 dimmer
Readded the DH for the WD100 dimmer from smartthingscode/wd100dimmer.groovy at master · mwav3/smartthingscode · GitHub, and published it
Re-praired the WD100 dimmer in ST
Added the ABC app and published it
Added the ABC child creator app, but did not publish it
Went to Automation > scrolled down to ABC and tried to add a device to it, but says No devices found

I finally figured it out!!!
I had to go to EDIT the device via IDE for the WD100 dimmers and change from Zwave Generic Dimmer and select the DH from Darwin for the WD100.

Now Smart Lighting and ABC is able to pick up the dimmer as it should with the extra functions.


Glad you found it!

Note that for the future, different accounts are on different cloud “shards,” so have different URLs. But if you go to the wrong URL, you’ll be able to sign in, but might damage your account.

So…to protect everyone, when posting a signin URL to the forum, even if you’re just documenting what you did, please write the universal sign on:

That will automatically direct each person to the correct shard for their account.


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Good point. I’ve updated the last post to reflect just that to avoid any future confusions for anyone else.


not sure if im missing something here, ive installed the ABC manager (published) and the child (unpublished) but when i go to add controls to the device i get a network error. I am kind of new and trying to migrate everything to full smartthings control. i couldnt find any tutorial or info but what im trying to do is set the ikea remote to behave in smart things how it did originally. top button dim up, bottom button dim down, left and right buttons color cycle, and center button on/of, im also trying to use a standard two button dimmer as well as the newer 5 button controller.

Hello all,

I’m having this error when mapping the aqara cube to change ST location mode:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_app_862cf6bae9ec899a11c8e244110de0c1c350c6373c7002d15ed82be7842183ac.null() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [TV Mode]

It work fine when mapping a Turn on Light funtion, the problem is when mapping a Set Mode funtion.