ABC - Advanced Button Controller - 2019 Edition

Thanks Paul, I found it.
Do you use the classic or new smartthings mobile app. I’ve installed both on my galaxy s9.
I find that the hue dimmer device responds better with the classic.
On the new one the app thinks it’s offline, but if I go to the classic app it’s ok and working.


I use the classic app as I find the new one is not 100% compatible but I am working on getting it working so you can use either in the future.



Hi, one unexpected behaviour that I am experiencing is with the ABC Toggle function. I have a 5 button Tradfri with a simple toggle setup for the centre button for all lights in my lounge and dining room. The issue arises with the physical (non-smart) light switch in the dining room controlling 3 Tradfri bulbs and when the bulbs are powered off (still training the family!) the toggle OFF function for the remaining lights works just fine but toggle ON does not.

Any idea what is happening, I’m guessing that there is a problem with Smartthings knowing the state of the Tradfri bulbs?

Not a disaster but interested to understand what’s happening and if there could be a fix/workaround - other than removing or putting tape over the light switch!

Regards, John


It is unfortunately one of those thigs as the switch has a battery backup and the bulbs don’t.

I’m in the uk and have covered my switches with a printed cover that my Hue Dimmers sits in, yes the switches are still available if the remote is removed (full covered ones are available) but it does negate the problem on those lights where the dimmers are static.

You can get the same 3d printed covers for Tradfri switches like this one

You may even find examples to purchase on Etsy or similar sites.

If your in the UK I may be able to print one for you if needed



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Hi @Paul_Sheldon, any idea what might be going wrong with the colour temp adjustments? It looks like it’s not reading in the initial colour temp value, so it’s unable to adjust a null value. Thoughts?

When I press the middle button on the Pico (after I map it) it also turns on the light for the room (switch that it is assigned to) is there a way to have the middle pico only complete an action without turning on the light?

I’ll look into that ASAP and upload a corrected version. Apologies for delay in replying

Unfortunately I don’t have a Pico remote which was in the code when I took over. If you send me the model number of your remote I will see if it’s worthwhile purchasing. I normally use Philips Hue as there are cheaper.

Hi Paul! These are the ones I have! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR OUR COMMUNITY!


Is there any way to copy the configuration from one device to another? I have a room that has a 4 way light switch setup and I’d like them all to act the same, and I’m hoping there’s a way to just copy the config and change the button device for each switch.

Any help here?

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