A smarter garage door

I have a FS20Z garage controller and ST multi on our two garage doors. I love being able to see if a garage door is all the way open and then be able to close it remotely.

Here’s the problem I’m trying to find a solution to. We often leave one of our garage doors partially open so our cat can come and go as he pleases. I’d love to be able to tell if the door is only partially open.

The easy solution would be to add an additional open/closed sensor to each door. If this sensor is “open”, but the multi says the door is “closed”, then I would know that we had left it open for the cat. Easy enough…but it also adds another $30+ for each garage door.

I can probably get away with using just the contact sensor of the multi, but that would still not give me a “partially open” status.

My challenge is to have an app that uses the ST multi that I have on each door to serve both purposes. This way I could determine if the door is open, or just partially open. I have my multis on the edge of each door and have verified that the contact sensor works, but then I loose the orientation sensor (garage door type vs standard door type).

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Couldn’t you use the tilt part of the multi to see if it’s not horizontal? You have the open/closed data to know it’s “open” then you can combine that with the tilt to know that it’s only partially open.

The problem is that you can either use the tilt sensor or the open/closed. There is no way to do both, which is what I really need.

I’m going to look at creating a custom app that reads in both the tilt values and the open/closed value, but I’m hoping that others out there might have something similar.

That’s what I meant :smile:

I thought you were taking about in a SmartApp

Here is your solution. Put a Multi sensor at the bottom of the door and one and the very top.

If no till then closed

If top tilt and bottom no tilt then partially opened

if both tilt then garage door is fully opened.

@DaBuzzkill I’m trying to do it without two separate sensors on the door. I would like the multi to report both open/closed and tilt/orientation. The device has this ability, but the software does not.

I would think that there would be some way to make a smartapp that pulls that data from the Multi, as I am sure that it keeps all the various status that it generates as the position changes.