A Smart Window Automation Device


I wanted to announce that my company (that started as a small IoT
project) is planning on beta launching our first product soon, the Wyndflow

The Economizer attaches to your windows in order to turn them into smart
devices. By simply opening and closing your windows we are able to save you
energy and money, while also increasing your indoor air quality! It is designed
so that it can be easily installed to fit (almost) any window, and it can be
monitored and controlled by a simple app.

Learn more at Wyndflow

I would love to hear any feedback or answer any questions you may have!

How do I go about being pat of the beta?

none of the signup links are working for me

This has some interesting possibilities with SmartThings. Are you guys creating a direct integration or will there be an API that can be accessed over the LAN?

Same here… IE11, Chrome on Desktop and Chrome for Android. All failed.

Hey sorry to here about the troubles!

All the links should work now :slight_smile:

Hey sorry to hear about the troubles!

All the links should work now

Wyndflow now with working sign up links!

Still a no go for me on any of the 3 I tried.

yea still can’t access it lol

forms.zohopublic.com refused to connect.

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Hmmm if you try again/refresh the site it should!

Wyndflow (if the sign up links don’t work I will personally hand deliver a free product to you right at your doorstep)!

It worked, can I still get a free product :smiley:

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We do plan on having a full integration with SmartThings in the future!

Well I kept my promise so I cant now!
But if you participate in our beta launch it’s a possibility!

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Hey there! If you sign up on our site we will be releasing info about participating in our beta launch soon!

Looks nice will hopefully get to beta test it.

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How large of a window will this work on?

I am wondering if I can use this to open my sliding glass door :slight_smile: Getting tired of having to get up to let the dogs out LOL

Just make sure to sign up on our website!
We are looking forward to letting you test it!

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The system is designed to fit just about any sized window that you can get installed inside of a house!
Fitting it to a sliding glass door would a very interesting application that I honestly haven’t tried yet! But as a dog owner myself, I definitely understand the benefits!


Working for me now with the update.
Thank you.