A Smart Things NO/NC Relay?

Is there such a thing?

For instance triggered by a ST door or motion sensor and it activates for X number of seconds or minutes?


Most excellent. Thank you for the prompt reply it is greatly appreciated.


Is this a true dry contact with isolated NO/NC contacts, that’s what I’m looking for. Or is it meant to connect to 120VAC and switch 120VAC on and off. It’s not clear from the amazon link?

Excellent that will work for me. I imagine I can also get it in a single N/O configuration?

for instance:

Vesternet used to have a US site, but they don’t anymore, they’re only UK now.

The smartest house is a Fibaro – authorized dealer in the US, but they are only listing the newer model, the 223, and if I recall correctly the dry contacts were removed from that device because they had some fusing problems with inrush current.


It doesn’t look like the 222 was ever released on the US frequency:


I’m tired today, but @johnconstantelo might know of something similar available in the US. I know there’s a relay with an inbuilt timer, I just don’t remember exactly which model it is.


Found it, @Mike_Maxwell has done a lot with these, he might have more to add:

This one is US-only.


thanks for all the responses.

I want my front porch ST motion sensor to trigger a N/O relay to closed for a momentary 1 second. the relay will be wired into the existing door chime to ring it.

I do have a ZWN-RSM1-Plus laying around if I can figure out how to make it momentary. It would save me having to drop $40 on a ZFM-80.

Any advice?

I also have some small 120VAC relays laying around I could hot glue right to the ZWN-RSM1.

Well I am new to all of this so I did some quick searches but do not see a zwave siren with a chime option and have never heard of a LANnouncer. I will investigate and thanks for the tips.

The other thing is I already have the other parts so materials wise it’s free with only my labor and personal satisfaction of marveling at an improvised hot glued contraption.

if I did decide on the cheap route how do you suggest making the RSM1 momentary?

If you just want a door chime, there are a lot of options. :sunglasses: There’s a how to article in the community – createed wiki that covers most of them. Anything that can be triggered by an open/close sensor can also be triggered by a motion sensor.


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Humm I already have one of those. Going to investigate how to use it as a door chime and an alarm siren.


JD Roberts, Thank you very much for the link to that thread

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